Why Am I Bad at My Own Games?

I like to think I’m a decent game designer. Players seem to enjoy the experiences I create. And when it comes to playing published games, I’m a pretty competent opponent. 

But I am usually terrible when I play my own games. People may think I’m letting them win because it would be bad for the designer to win their own game. But the truth is, I’m just not very good at them.

Does anyone else run into this? I would think having the knowledge of every mechanism and interaction would help, but I think it distracts me knowing too much about the inner workings.

Though I notice I’m usually better at my games when they are still very broken. The more refined they get, the more the winning shifts to my opponents. Maybe that is a useful measurement of how finished a game is?

One thought on “Why Am I Bad at My Own Games?

  1. Interesting observation. I’ll have to play more of your games so I can win 😃

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