I’m in the process of transferring my web hosting for the site. I was hoping it would go through today but it seems to be delayed. Sorry for any broken links that pop up during this process. Let me know if you notice any issues. 

On the subject of web hosting, these things cost money. Not a ton of money, but between the blog and the podcast it’s not an insubstantial monthly cost. To support the podcast I started a patreon which you can find at I plan on adding some limited higher pledge levels that would offer some useful game design services, but I want to make sure I can handle them before I do. Any suggestions for what you would like would be welcome. 

To support the blog I went with making some things on I have a couple of designs up now and plan on making more. To show appreciation for you reading the blog, if you want anything from my redbubble shop @ me on twitter (@BlueCubeBGs) and let me know what product you want and I’ll discount it for a limited time. It might take me a day to get around to it though. 

Thanks for reading and supporting me in every way you do. Sharing of the blog, podcast, and game designs is always appreciated. 

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