Contest Update

Running a contest is a lot of work. It’s going very well though.

I was expecting 30-40 entries. Hoping for 60 to cover the finalist prizes. Ended up with 87. So I will be able to do more random prizes. I haven’t yet looked at every entry but the ones I’ve seen are pretty good. Lots of interesting concepts and even a few that look ready to publish.

I’m getting more judge feedback forms than I can even look at. As of this writing I’ve gotten 571 forms. And there are still a lot of days left to judge.

So overall this has been a great experience. We’ll see how smoothly sending back the feedback goes. It will be a a lot of work. I’ll be looking into ways to help automate things for next year. But now I have to start on some random prizes.

2 thoughts on “Contest Update

  1. Thank you for putting in the energy and time to create this contest. I only found out about it last minute, from a retweet, but I’m excited to participate in the first iteration of a contest. I can’t wait to see how it evolves in the future.

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