Episode 50 – The Design Contest

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Episode 50
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One thought on “Episode 50 – The Design Contest

  1. During this episode one of your commentors is asked what ELSE the contest enterets should have done in their initial 2 min pitch video, and he responds"tell me what happens on my turn…"
    Bad judge! Bad!
    The 2 min video is the video equivalent of a one-page sell-sheet, and as one prominent game publisher said, "Don't tell me HOW your game plays on the sell-sheet! I need to know player count, target audience, general game type (18-card mini vs giant Euro vs minis-wargame, etc.) And theme. THAT'S IT! Save the HOW until the moment I decide to sit down for 20 minutes to try it out."
    The HOW should wait until AT LEAST the second or third contest round.

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