Podcasts I Listen To (Part 2)

Continuing from last week’s post.

The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Some episodes are focused on The Game Crafter but most are great for general game design. Sometimes they have guests. It looks like they haven’t released an episode in a while.

The Game Design Roundtable

Good mix of discussion between the multiple hosts and usually a guest. Some episodes are focused on video games but it’s usually still interesting.

The Game Designers of North Carolina

NC has a good group of designers and a few of them get together to talk about general design topics and their projects. Has a few different people that rotate through but each episode is usually 3 people I think.

Games In Schools and Libraries

I usually only listen to the school episodes since they are more design focused. Kathleen Mercury talks with different guests on ways to use games in schools and often how to use game design in schools.

Go Forth and Game

Interviews with different game designers, publishers, artists, etc. Tom is a designer himself, so the discussion usual gets deeper than just talking about the upcoming game release or Kickstarter.

Greatway Games

Not design focused, but more about the gaming community. Their check ins, pet discussions, and homework make for a unique show.

Indie Board Game Designers

I just started listening to this one. It’s interviews with indie board game designers. He ends each episode with a game of overrated or underrated.

Legal Moves

Doesn’t release very often lately but it’s great information on the legal aspects of the game (board and video) industry.

The Life and Times of a Board Game

Hasn’t been releasing very regularly. Behind the scenes info and interviews. Mostly focused on Game Salute.


Design discussion, usually with a deeper look at mechanisms or science behind how games work. Alternate weeks have old gametek segments or history of a board game. Occasionally they have guests. My favorite design podcast. Always gets me thinking about new design ideas.

Magic: The Gathering Drive to Work

Mark Rosewater talks about magic and game design in general. I like magic so all of the episodes are interesting to me. But the design focused ones are great for any game design.

Our Turn!

General board game discussion with interviews with designers and sometimes designer cohosts. So even though it’s focus isn’t design, they still talk about game design often.


New podcast with a focus on accessibility. Interviews with designers and discussion of how to make games more accessible.

Red Raven Games Podcast

Part general discussion about RPGs, board games, and video games. And part behind the scenes at Red Raven Games.

The Secret Cabal

The main shows are very long. They talk about games they’ve been playing, a main topic game, board game news, and a lot of other stuff. Mainly it’s a show about a group of friends hanging out and talking about games. I’m glad they let Steve tell more jokes now.

The State of Games

Tied to Dice Hate Me Games, so you get some company info. But also a general game discussion and talk about design. It can run long, but it’s entertaining.

Tasty Minstrel Games Podcast

Another one that’s tied to a publisher but the episodes cover a variety of games and people outside of the company. Recently started doing short bonus episodes that are a fun way to learn more about the designers as people.

We’re Not Wizards

Interviews with game designers mostly. The conversation always goes off topic and it’s great.

The Who, What, Why Game Design Podcast

Interviews with game designers, publishers, artists, etc. It has a good mix of guests and usually focuses on the game designs, with some other topics mixed in.

So that is what I listen to regularly. Going through this made me realize how many podcasts I used to listen to that have stopped posting or something went wrong with their feed and I’m not getting new episodes. But the old episodes are still good.

Cardboard Architects

Design discussion of games they are working on and some idea generation pitches.

The Cubist Podcast

Podcast version of the web show. The show is still on, but they don’t convert it to a podcast so I don’t have a chance to listen to it. General game discussion and guests. Since it’s a live show they get some audience interaction.

The Game Agenda

Friends talking about playing games mostly. Some discussions of the wider gaming community.

The Gaming Careers Podcast

Interviews with professionals in the video and board game industries. Lots of useful business and career advice.

Going Last

Mix of RPG and board game discussion. Recently played and Kickstarter news. Great chemistry between the hosts and an enjoyable show. Occasionally talks about design.

Last Place Podcast

Game reviews and discussion.

Meeple Syrup Show

Podcast version of the live web show. Lots of design discussion with interaction from the audience. But no longer converted to a podcast.

That is a lot of podcasts. I hope you found this useful. If you have any suggestions for podcasts I should add to my list, let me know.

I’m at Metatopia now. If you see me around say hi.

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