In Vino Morte Gets Ranked

In Vino Morte, my first published game, just received its 30th rating on 30 ratings is the minimum for a game to be ranked. It took a while to get to 30 ratings. In Vino Morte is an incredibly light game and maybe not the game for users that usually rate games. So it isn’t too surprising that it took a couple of years.

I don’t put much importance on the specific rank of a game. In the lower ranks, numbers are so close that a small shift can move you a lot of places. Getting to the highest spots also involves a lot more than just being a great game. It involves hitting the right mix of conditions that a lot of people rate your game highly. Lately there seems to be a lot of new game hype pushing more ratings and changing the top games more frequently.

I do put importance in the range of rankings though. The top 100 games are all exceptional games. Even the top thousand are great. In Vino Morte made it into the top 10,000 with a rank of 9,262 out of 16,384 ranked games. I’m not sure In Vino Morte will climb very high because it does best with casual gamers. It’s nice to see the positive feedback though. Thanks to everyone who bought, played, and/or rated it.

3 thoughts on “In Vino Morte Gets Ranked

  1. Glad it finally got “on the board”! Even if it never gets terribly high, having enough votes to rank at all is an achievement.

    1. Thanks. I noticed today that it’s Button Shy’s highest rated game with more than one rating. Though I doubt it will stay that way if it gets more ratings and climbs the rankings.

  2. Good news. Well done. For what it’s worth, I happily crack out this game at the start of my weekly games sessions while people are still arriving. After dozens of plays, it has never failed to elicit laughter. That’s a success in my book.

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