Comic Auction

Back in the beginning of November I took Comic Auction to Metatopia. I had a good test of it and got a lot of feedback. But I hadn’t really had any time to work on it since then.

Then along comes January and it’s time for Comic Auction to get it’s intensive play test night at the Boston Game Makers Guild. So this pushed me to start thinking about it again.

I came up with some ideas that both simplify the game and extend its play time. Players felt it was a bit too quick and some aspects were unnecessary. So I’ve got some ideas.

The new ideas care more about what’s on the cards. Before all that mattered was which character was on it and the age mattered for mid-game sales and bonuses. Now character, age, and wether it’s a hero vs villain comic, a hero team up comic, or a villain team up comic all matter.

The tricky part is that now I want all of these evenly distributed across everything. So the golden age can’t have just hero vs villain comics. It needs both team ups. And it needs an equal number of every character. So a lot of sorting was involved in making the new deck.

I’ll see how this version plays on Monday. Then decide if it’s the right way to go or if the old version was better.

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