Life is a Strange Journey

I’m currently at a dance recital rehearsal. It’s my second this week. In 2 hours I’ll be at a symphony rehearsal in this same room. Since I have to get a post written, I was inspired to write about how strange of a journey life can be.

So how did I get here? I went to school for video production. Out of college I got a job at a community cable station. I was hired primarily for my software knowledge and a good portion of my job was training other people. I’m a natural teacher and I enjoy helping people, so it was a good fit.

Soon, as part of the job, I started going to the local high school to help the video classes with the same software. As I worked with more classes, my job duties shifted to almost entirely working at the high school.

When the town built a new high school the cable station partnered with them to build the schools TV studio. As part of this I became the studio manager and got an office at the high school.

So I was now full time in the high school. A few months after the new school was opened they realized that having no one with any knowledge of the auditorium was a problem. Whoever used it would cause lots of problems with the equipment.

So they needed someone to manage things. Apparently I was the closest thing to an auditorium manager in the school. Or the only one willing to do it. So the school made a deal with the cable company to also manage the auditorium.

The bulk of that job falls to me and most of it is managing the auditorium for rentals. We have a few bands, choirs, and some speaking events rent the space. But from May to June it’s a lot of dance schools. I’ll be working with 8 dance schools and a gymnastics school over the next 8 weeks for their shows and rehearsals.

10 years ago I didn’t have any idea that I would be involved in dance productions. I also didn’t think I would be a game designer, have a podcast, or run a game design contest.

Life can be a real weird journey. Maybe good, maybe bad, maybe just nothing like you expected. You just have to enjoy it where you can.

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