Where Did the Time Go?

Posting late. I try to be good about always posting to this blog on Friday and always posting my podcast on every other Wednesday. For some reason that means I stay up late Tuesday and post the podcast early Wednesday unless something goes wrong. But for this blog it means I write something up late Friday usually.

I’m not sure why I have different approaches. Maybe because the blog is much less work. I usually just write them and post them after a quick read through. The podcast involves hours of editing, just getting the show notes together is usually harder than this blog.

But today I actually forgot about the blog with my hectic schedule. It wasn’t until I came across a Facebook post from Jon Gilmour that linked to my elegant games article. I thought, “That will probably generate some views.” Then remembered I hadn’t posted for the day and it was past midnight.

Consistency is the goal, but it’s not always achieved. The important thing is to not let those little slips in consistency derail your progress.

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