Death: A Solo LARP

I designed a solo LARP. I’ve never LARPed before and my RPG experience isn’t nearly what my board game experience is. But I had an idea and wanted to put it together and share it. 

It’s very simple. The whole thing fits on a single page and folds up into a small 8 page booklet. 

It is about dying and being a ghost for 12 minutes. You observe the world around you before your consciousness fades away. 

It is a reflection on life and a reason to stop and observe. 

My hope is for it to be a meditative break from life and allow you to think about things from a different perspective. 

This is the first version and I would love feedback on specifics as well as the concept as a whole. 

You can download the file here.

Cut on the dotted lines and fold on the solid lines to make the booklet.

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