Tempus Futurum

I’ve been working on Tempus Quest a lot over the past six months. It’s been a great learning experience for the tempus system. Seeing what works and what doesn’t. And learning different ways to work with the system.

The first big change for Tempus Quest from the original Tempus Imperium was getting rid of the year and month. They were almost static so they weren’t very interesting. Using only 6 numbers on a 10×10 grid gives a lot of variety. 44,100 possible arrangements of the rows and columns. Which have a lot of different layouts for empty spaces.

The empty spaces are where static things can be placed. Enemies, targets, resources. All sorts of stuff. Groups of empty spaces allow for making large blocks that change the possibilities of drawing connections.

With all I’ve learned from Tempus Quest, I plan on remaking Tempus Imperium and working on other games with the system. They probably won’t have the multi-episode story that Tempus Quest has. I’m thinking a game would have one set of actions but could have multiple map setups.

I’d also like to program a random map generator. I’m not sure how useful it would be though. Only time will tell.

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