15 Minute How-To-Play Video

Your video can not be longer than 15 minutes. Videos longer than 15 minutes will not be accepted.

Because of the time restriction, your video does not need to be a full how to play video. It should give a good idea of how to setup the game, the goal of the game, and how a turn works.

Your how-to-play video will be judged from 1-11 on the clarity of your information.

Here are examples for judging.

  • 1: Video is difficult to understand, audio is missing or unclear, no visual examples.
  • 3: Video is understandable but missing a lot, audio is passable, few visual examples.
  • 5: Gives a basic idea of game play, audio is understandable, visual examples used, some parts are confusing.
  • 7: Video is clear and well organized, audio is understandable, visual examples increase understanding, you feel confident in your understanding of the core game play. 
  • 9: Strong use of explanation and visual examples, key game concepts are explained in detail, you could begin playing without reading the rules. 
  • 11: Video makes excellent use of visual examples and audio explanations, all game concepts are exceptionally clear, this is an example all future how-to-play videos should follow.