2020 Design Contest Round Three

Judging is now closed. You can see the final results here.

This year we have both a physical and digital round three.

While the judging criteria for both will be the same, physical and digital versions will be judged separately. If you play both versions of a game, please try not to let your experience of one version affect your judging of the other.

Round three is judged on the elegance of the game.
Elegance involves every aspect of a game coming together to form a perfect whole. This article has a much more detailed explanation: https://theboardgameworkshop.com/designing-elegant-board-games/

Score Meanings

  • 1: The game can’t be played to completion due to a design flaw.
  • 3: The game can be finished, but it is a struggle. Players are often confused.
  • 5: Players usually know what to do, but the game doesn’t feel entirely cohesive.
  • 7: The game plays well with little to no confusion. Theme and layout help enforce rules of play.
  • 9: Playing the game is effortless. Players always know how to do what they want. The game feels cohesive.
  • 11: All aspects of the game work in perfect harmony.

Physical Judging

If you are a judge for any of the physical prototypes, you can find the judging form here.

Digital Judging

Below are the links to the Tabletop Simulator versions and rules.

The digital judging form is here.


Tabletop Simulator Version

Rules available in Tabletop Simulator

Just Dandy!

Tabletop Simulator Version

Rules available in Tabletop Simulator


Tabletop Simulator Version

Rules Note: The last 2 pages have Tabletop Simulator specific information.


Tabletop Simulator Version


You can see more information about the games on the finalists page, the round two judging page, and the round one judging page. Please note that information on the round one and round two pages may no longer be accurate.

Thank you for your help with judging and I hope you enjoy playing the games.