Full Rules PDF

Your rules should be complete and in english.

Rules should include:

  • Game Name
  • Designer Name(s)
  • Play Time
  • Player Count
  • Player Ages
  • Components

All rules to setup and play your game

Any images or diagrams to help explain the rules

Your rules document will be judged from 1-11 on the clarity of your information.

Here are examples for judging.

  • 1: Full of mistakes and contradictions, you do not know how to play the game after reading them. 
  • 3: Not very clear, leaves a lot of unanswered questions. 
  • 5: Gets across most of the game reasonably well, some parts are ambiguous. 
  • 7: Rules are clear and easy to understand, you feel confident in your understanding of the game after reading them. 
  • 9: Text is exceptionally clear, layout helps with understanding, images are used to further illustrate certain points. 
  • 11: Layout, text, and images are perfectly clear, this is an example all future rules documents should follow.