How to Judge

If you have judged or plan to judge, please fill out this form to be added to the judge list.

When you are ready to judge, go to the round one page.

The page will load all of the games ordered from least judged to most judged.

You can click any of the sort buttons at the top to sort the list. The first click will sort ascending and a second click will sort descending.

You can use the search box to search the game names, designer names, and descriptions. Try using keywords like dice or cards to narrow the list.

Once you find a game you would like to judge, click on the game’s image to open up its description and video link. Read the description and click the video button to load the game’s 2-minute pitch video. The video should open in a new window.

When you are done viewing a game’s information, click the X in the top right corner to return to the list.

After you have viewed a game’s description and video, you can fill out a judge form for that game. The judge form can be found here as well as at the top of the round one page.

On the form, first fill in your email. Make sure you use the same email address that you signed up to judge with. This is how I track who has judged each game to prevent duplicates. Then select the game you are judging from the drop down menu.

In round one we will only be judging games based on their innovation. Games should not be judged compared to other games in the contest or on the quality of their video. The innovation score is judged on an 11 point scale. Below is a description of what some of the scores mean.

  • 1: This game is an exact copy of an existing game.
  • 3: This game is very similar to an existing game but has some unique aspects.
  • 5: This game uses existing mechanisms and/or themes in a new or unique way.
  • 7: This game significantly adds to an existing mechanism and/or theme and could inspire new game design space.
  • 9: This game has a new and interesting mechanism and/or theme that could inspire new game design space.
  • 11: This game is so innovative that it has the potential to change the entire board game industry.

After scoring the game’s innovation you can give written feedback. You may choose to remain anonymous or include your name. If you would be willing to discuss your feedback with the designer(s), include your preferred contact info.

The feedback should be critical and give the designer(s) useful information about what works and doesn’t work in their game. All feedback should be kind. Do not make personal attacks or use inappropriate language.

Your feedback must be a minimum of 250 characters, but you are welcome to write as much as you like. If you are writing a lot of feedback, it may be a good idea to use an external writing program, so you don’t lose any feedback if the form has an issue.

Once you have finished your feedback, click submit. You should be sent a copy of your responses. If you don’t get a copy, please contact, as it may mean that your responses didn’t go through.

After submitting your form you can continue to judge games if you would like.

Thank you for helping judge the contest. It wouldn’t be possible without the help of so many dedicated judges like yourself.