2022 Design Contest

Round One

Round Two


The Board Game Workshop Design Contest is an annual contest for unfinished, analog games. It is open to designers of all ages from around the world. The contest focuses on giving lots of great feedback to every game. Over the past four years we have given over 6,000 feedback forms to over 400 games.

The contest is split into three rounds. In round one designers submit a 2-minute pitch video and a sell sheet. The top seven games in each category (Light, Medium, and Heavy) move on to round two.

In round two each game will be assigned a coach. The coaches are contest judges that meet with the designers to help them prepare their game submission for round 2. This works like a mini mentorship to improve their submission. Round two submissions include a 10-minute video and a full rules document. The top three games in each category move on to round three.

Round three is an online speed pitching event where designers will present their game to multiple publishers and get feedback on their game and presentation.


Schedule Subject to Change, All Deadlines are End of Day UTC -12

Thursday, February 17Submissions Open
Wednesday, June 15Round One Submissions Due
Saturday, June 18Round One Judging Begins
Saturday, July 16Round One Judging Ends
Wednesday, July 20Round One Results
Friday, July 22Round Two Coaches Assigned
Wednesday, August 31Round Two Submissions Due
Saturday, September 3Round Two Judging Begins
Friday, September 30Round Two Judging Ends
Sunday, October 2Round Two Results 
Wednesday, October 26Round Three Submissions Due
Sunday, October 30Round Three Speed Pitching Event

Judging Criteria

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Round One Round one submissions will be judged by our volunteer judges, many of whom have many years in the game design industry. The sell sheet and video that will be required for each entry will be judged, with scores based on excitement for your game and how much judges like it overall. The top 7 games in each complexity level will move on to round two.

Round Two In round two designers will submit a full rules PDF and 10-minute video for their game. In this round, your rules PDF and your 10-minute video will be judged with scores based on the innovation of your game and how much judges like it overall. The top 3 games in each complexity level will move on to round three.

Round Three Round three will be a live, online, speed pitching event where designers will pitch their game to multiple publishers.

More on the Scoring System is written here.