How to Judge

Sign up to be a judge here.

Thanks for helping judge The Board Game Workshop 2022 Design Contest.

The contest focuses on generating a lot of feedback for designers and it couldn’t happen without your help.

The judging process is designed to be quick and simple. You can choose which games you would like to judge and judge as many as you like.

First you must choose a game to judge. Go to Round One 2022 (link active once submissions are in) to see all of the games.

At the top of the page there is a link to the judge form. You will fill out this form for each game you judge.

There is also information on the current feedback count for the contest, the time the page was last updated, and search and sort options. Below these options are the number of pages of results. Clicking on a number will jump to that page.

These options will help you narrow down the list of games to find one you want to judge. The search field will search each game’s name, designers, complexity, and description. So you could search for a mechanism like “worker placement” and only games that mention that in their description will be listed.

Clicking a sort button will sort the games by that parameter in ascending order. clicking a second time will sort them in descending order. The default view for the page shows you games with the lowest judge count first.

Once you have narrowed down the games, you will see a card for each game.

The card shows the game’s name, designers, image, complexity, if it’s captioned, and its current judge count. If you would like to know more about a game, click on its image to open up its details.

To close the details view, click the x in the top right of the box. The details include a short description and links to the video and sell sheet. If it is a game you want to judge, click the video and sell sheet links to open them in a new page.

Watch the video and read the sell sheet. I recommend taking notes as you go through the material. Then you are ready to judge.

Open the judging form linked on the game page. And fill it out for the game you are judging.

Make sure you use the same email address you signed up to judge with. This is how I track judging and prevent duplicates.

Select the name of the game you are judging from the list and its complexity level. Then judge how exciting you think the game is and how much you like it overall based on the submission materials.

If you give a low score of 1-3 or a high score of 9-11, you should include specific comments in the feedback about why it scored so high or low for you.

Your individual scores will be associated with your feedback. You can choose to be anonymous or leave your name and contact info for the designer to follow up with you.

Finally, you will give some written feedback. There is a minimum of 250 characters for the feedback which is a few sentences, but you are welcome to give as much feedback as you want and the designers certainly appreciate it.

Your feedback should always be kind. But it should also be critical. Designers enter this contest to improve their games, so point out any problems you had with the game or its presentation so they can make it better.

If you need to make a change to your form after submitting it or have any other questions, email

Thank you for helping out and have fun judging.