Design Contest 2018


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The Board Game Workshop Design Contest is a game design contest open to board, card, and dice games that will not be available for sale or preorder before 2019. The contest consists of 3 rounds. First round submissions require a pitch video and short description of your game. The top entries will move onto round two and send in game rules and a how to play video. The top 5 entries from round two will move onto round three where they will send in a physical prototype of their game. Judges will play the 5 finalists and choose a winner.

How to Enter


Read the contest rules and make sure your game meets the eligibility requirements.
Purchase a ticket for the contest from Eventbrite.
You will then get a link to the submission form. In the form you will put your email, the order ID# from your ticket, your 500 character (max) description, and a link to your 2 minute (max) pitch video.
Make sure your video is accessible without signing in and no longer than 2 minutes.
If you want to submit multiple designs, you must purchase a separate ticket for each.
If you have any questions, send them to
Patreon Supporters
If you are a Patreon supporter of The Board Game Workshop, follow the directions on Patreon to use your free entry.


Contest Details
You may enter as many games as you like. You must provide the following requirements for each game entered. Patreon supporters get one free entry, each additional entry will require the $5 fee.
Note that your entries may be discussed publicly on social media. Designers maintain all rights to thier designs.


Round One
$5 Entrance fee paid on Eventbrite or free entry for Patreon supporters.
Pitch video describing your game (maximum 2 minutes).
Short text description of your game (500 character limit).
Round Two
Pass Round One
English Rules PDF
How To Play Video (no time limit, but you will be judged on how well you explain the game.)
Updated short text description of your game (500 character limit).
Round Three (5 finalists)
Pass Round Two
Send a complete and playable physical prototype, including english rules and all necessary components. Art is not required but the game should have all necessary graphic elements for play.
Interview about your game on The Board Game Workshop.
Entries will get judges’ feedback for every round of the contest.
Feedback will consist of your average scores for the questions below, as well as written feedback. Judges are allowed to write as much as they want, but will give a minimum of 2 sentences of feedback in round one and 4 sentences of feedback in round 2. Round 3 will have extensive feedback based on the play test as well as a vote from the audience.
Round One
How innovative is the game?
How excited are you to play the game?
How well was the game idea presented?
Round Two
How clear are the written rules?
How clear is the how to play video?
How innovative is the game?
How excited are you to play the game?
Round Three
Play tests and audience vote.
1st Place will get
and a $20 off an order from Print & Play Admagic online coupon*
4 runners up will each get
and a $20 off an order from Print & Play Admagic online coupon*
All participants will be entered into random prize drawings of games and/or gift certificates.
And the most valuable prize, judges’ feedback for every round.
*The “$20 off an order from Print & Play Admagic online coupon” is a prize to be awarded to each of the top 5 designs in The Board Game Workshop Design Contest that will be continuing on to Round 3 of the contest. The savings on an order from Print & Play Admagic is a gesture of support and could potentially help contestants put their best foot forward in the final round of The Board Game Workshop Design Contest. The top five contestants in The Board Game Workshop Design Contest do not have to use what they order from Print & Play Admagic in Round 3 of the contest. This is a prize that may be used as designers see fit. The Print & Play Admagic online coupon code the top five contestants in The Board Game Workshop Design Contest will receive will be good until the final submission date for Round 3 of The Board Game Workshop Design Contest. There are no other restrictions.


Using UTC -12 time zone for deadlines. So if it is the due date anywhere on earth it’s still valid.
Dates subject to change.
August 8 – Announcement
August 22 – Submissions Open
September 19 – Round 1 Submissions Due
October 3 – Round 1 Results Posted
October 17 – Round 2 Submissions Due
November 14 – Round 2 Results Posted
December 12 – Round 3 Submissions Due
December 26 – Winner Posted
You must be 18 years or older to enter.
You must pay the $5 entrance fee for each game submitted to the contest. Patreon supporters of The Board Game Workshop at any level get one free entry.
Your game must be a board, card, or dice game. No video games. No role playing games. 
Your game must be your original work.
You must have the right to use all art assets in your game.
Your game must not be available for sale, pre-order, or crowdfunding before January of 2019. 
Judges of this contest are not allowed to enter.
The Board Game Workshop reserves the right to remove your game from the contest for any reason.

Send any questions to
Sponsor for the 2018 Design Contest
Judges for the 2018 Design Contest
The eponymous Bez of “Stuff by Bez”


Meeple Lady


Peter C. Hayward of Jellybean Games


Brian Henk, President of Overworld Games
and Host of the Board Game Business Podcast


Eric Yurko, of What’s Eric Playing?


Derek Jonson Art Director


Ian Zang


Julio E. Nazario


Lauren Woolsey
game designer and co-host of Playability


Tyson Mertlich of the GameSmiths


John Brieger, Developer
Writer of #PlaytestingTipOfTheDay


Nick Shipley
Reviewer With Everything Board Games


Shari Spiro, CEO & Founder.
Dustin Dowdle


Rebecca Strang
Co-host of Playability
and Writer at To Play Is Human




Matt Shoemaker


Marc Davis from The Thoughtful Gamer


Rick Lorenzon


Miller from Third Eye Games


Cassie Elle from The Indie Game Report


Brian Everett of Cloak and Meeple
Review/Preview Inquiries


Cody Thompson of Gold Nugget Games


Daniel Grek
Owner of Concrete Canoe Games


Danny and Derek Do Board Games


Jeff Black Designer/Developer at Little j Games


Danny Devine Designer of Topiary & Harvest Dice


 Jonathan Weaver
Designer at GameWeaver Games


Glenn Flaherty of Boardgames and Bourbon


James Naylor


Jennifer Graham-Macht, Editor for Play Satellite


Jason Tagmire


Tim Blank


Odin Phong


Ruel Gaviola


Tom Gurganus of Go Forth And Game


Tony Miller
1/3 of the Breaking into Board Games podcast


Calvin Wong of the Ding & Dent podcast


Kristi Weyland of Peace, Love & Games
Jack Eddy of The Cardboard Herald
Jonathan W. Gilmour


Travis Drake of Brouhaha Games


Shawn Stankewich – Flatout Games


Suzanne Zinsli
Co-Founder of Cardboard Edison


JT from G-Club Channel on YouTube


Elizabeth Hargrave


Victoria Cana
Indie Game Producer
& Co-Designer of Gladius


AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps of Girls Play Games


Brendon Soltis
Reading and Gaming for Justice


Corry Damey, Designer of Seasons of Rice


Travis Magrum


Nicole Amato of Cardboard Fortress Games


Catherine Stippell Designer of Nyctophobia
Alexandre Uboldi
Indie Game Producer
& Co-Designer of


Cecilia of The Game Crafter Support Team


Chris Zinsli, Co-Founder of Cardboard Edison


Christopher Bowden
Director of Winter Moon Games
and Indie Designer


Eric Hyland
Owner of Tank & DPS (with Cecilia Hyland)
Designers of Fleecing Olympus
from Passport Game Studios


F. Phil Cartagena, Jr.
1/2 of Cray Cray Games


Anthony Amato of Cardboard Fortress Games
Michael S. Robinson Host of Beat The Robinson’s
Jeff Johnston
Tim McNeil
Rob Newton

Chris Anderson
Host of The Board Game Workshop