Design Contest 2019

The Board Game Workshop Design Contest 2019

Submissions are closed.

2019 Judges

2019 Submissions

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Last years contest can be found here.

Schedule for the 2019 contest. Dates subject to change.

  • March 17 – Round One Submissions Open
  • April 21 – Round One Submissions Due
  • April 24 – Round One Judging Begins
  • June 28 – Round One Judging Ends
  • June 30 – Round One Results Posted & Feedback Sent
  • July 28 – Round Two Submissions Due
  • August 1 – Round Two Judging Begins
  • August 30 – Round Two Judging Ends
  • September 1 – Round Two Results Posted & Feedback Sent
  • October 13 – Round Three Submissions Due
  • December 1 – Round Three Results Posted & Feedback Sent

Live Contest Data

I wanted to have some spectator aspect for the contest, but a lot of things can’t be shown without possibly affecting the ongoing judging process.

So I’ve compromised on posting general contest stats with no specifics for games or judges.

This shows

  • The total number of judge forms submitted.
  • How many judge forms are submitted each day.
  • How many of each score are given in each category.
  • How many of each total score there are.
  • The word count of each piece of written feedback.
  • And averages for all of these.

Everything except the total scores and word count are updated live.

These scores are not the final score for any individual game. They are only the score from a single judge. Once judging is complete the average of all scores a game receives will be its final score.