2019 Submissions

This year we have 107 submissions. Good luck to everyone who entered.

  1. 30 Seconds to Live by William Angus
  2. Adopt Me! by Scout Blum
  3. Alchemy Escape by Wing Alster
  4. Assault by Ricardo Miguens
  5. Astraea: Civil Conflict by Dan Perra, Tim Larocque
  6. Basic Dungeoneering by Ferne Hebig, Christine Schmidt
  7. Battle For Vitoria by Juste Jonny
  8. Bismarck’s Castles by Till @ Lupus Games
  9. Blazon by Dave Conklin & Christoph Scheiblhofer
  10. Boss Builder by Ken Wayne and Sydney Wayne
  11. Caravan: Journey of the Silk Road by Madalyn Bond
  12. Catawampus by Howard J. Wilk, Ming-Hua Kao, and Red Duke Games
  13. Catch of the Day by Ben LoCascio
  14. Chaos Runes by Jonathan Weaver & Kal Keiffer
  15. Checkpoint Rally by Jesper Kjær
  16. CHEX (extreme chess) by Adam Randall
  17. Collusion by Jeff Warrender
  18. Continuum: The Spacetime Strategy Game by Joe Boyden
  19. Crash Command by Sean Chen
  20. Curators – Collection conundrum by Jacob Westerlund, Pablo Jomer, Tove Jomer
  21. Dartolos by Clayton Pajot
  22. Dice Connect by Bruno Steppuhn
  23. Die on Mars by Grant Bennett
  24. Doomsday by Isaac Shalev and Matt Loomis
  25. Dragon Pit by Anthony Broussard
  26. Duchy by Jason Costa
  27. Elementals Unleashed by Rowan Clark
  28. Escape Earth – a cooperative space game by Christoph Scheiblhofer, Shaun Newman
  29. Escape the Ordinary: Tales of Romina Manor by Dave Tran
  30. Expect Delays by Patrick Brennan, Alisha Wilkerson, Ari David
  31. Flick Ultimate by Andrew Adamson
  32. Four Tides of Stardust by Youssef Ennahdi
  33. Garden Contest: Show Gnome Mercy by Nick Murray, Camille Murray
  34. Gem Gamblers by Anthony Broussard
  35. Gliess: A Cosmic Venture by Andrew Cantrell
  36. Goons by Scott Gratien and Dan Gratien of Swordy Fray Games
  37. Guest What? by Sophie Wilson
  38. Heirlooms by Ben LoCascio
  39. Heist by Chris Glein
  40. Heroes Beware! by Chris Glein
  41. Honeycomb by Kenji Sugawara
  42. Hope Falls by Kiefer Shipman
  43. Inventure by Eliot Kersgaard (Myra Makes)
  44. Jolt! by Robert Elliott
  45. Knights of the King by Bryan Wilson
  46. Lineae by Don Schwarz
  47. Lord of Colors by Jorge Zhang
  48. MacDonalds Madness by Andrew Griffin
  49. Mag-Miners by Jon Bryant
  50. Mashie by Nikki Heikkinen
  51. Mathemagical by Candy Weber
  52. Merchants of The Tradewinds by Kiefer Shipman
  53. Minute Diktator by Mark and Karl Schwiegershausen
  54. Monster House by Joseph Kung
  55. Mystery Museum by Scarlett Krzysztofik and Ava Haigney
  56. Night Market by Adam Zwain
  57. Outflank by Thomas Hornemann
  58. Pangaea by Brandt Brinkerhoff
  59. Pantry Panic! by Ken Rickard
  60. Paper Dragon by Mark William
  61. Parkitecture by Torbjørn Glimsdal
  62. Perfect Order by Adam Fox
  63. Pets & Fences by Amelie and Missy Igel
  64. Pirate’s Plunder by Alexander Crownover
  65. Pollen Wars by Axel Kremer
  66. PYK by Clair-Yves Giovannetti
  67. Realm by Jared Mortlock
  68. RedTide by Mark Williams
  69. Ritual of Ruin by Stefan Barkow and Alex Schoenfelt
  70. Robot Rampage by Andrew McIntire, Brandon Massengil, Mike Bailey
  71. Rolling Up Roses by Randy Flynn
  72. Rule the Stars by Jay Vowles
  73. Rum Row by Neil Roberts
  74. Samhain, The Winter’s Night by Brian Compter
  75. Secure the Border by Adam Fox
  76. Selection by Nicolas Carroll
  77. Seven Seas by Tim Forbis
  78. Solace by Bryan Wilson
  79. Soup’s On! by Rob Greanias
  80. Spellbook’d by Wesley Woodbury
  81. Spillover by Rafael Rosario
  82. Steel & Fortune by Skye Larsen
  83. Streak by Patrick Rauland
  84. Takeaway: 60 Minute Meals by Torbjørn Glimsdal
  85. Taklamakan by Yort Watson
  86. Tankard of Toxins by Dan Kozikowski, Adam Desaulniers, Jeff Massicott
  87. Terminus by Earl Aspiras & Tom Volpe
  88. Tetralithic by Taylor Shuss
  89. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Candy Weber
  90. The Cheater’s Kit by Nathan Guanch, Alejandro Leyva
  91. The Crooked City by Sarah Carlson
  92. The Great Wide Open by Adam Singer
  93. The Keeps at Gascony by Christopher Kaspar
  94. The New World Order by Ferne Hebig
  95. The Next Great American Novel by Chris Backe
  96. The Rift by Brian Compter
  97. Turtles All the Way Down by Jeff Warrender
  98. Twisted Alchemy by Adam Zwain
  99. Uncivil Engineering by Quentin Hudspeth
  100. Variations by Paul Pilkington
  101. VR Drone Racers by Thomas Roache
  102. What Was and Will Be by Patrick Maguire
  103. Wizardz Bluff by Ron Smith & Jayson Smith
  104. Word Wars by Jonathan Kolber and Jennifer Dunne
  105. Wrath by Dave Dobson
  106. Ye Olde Candy Shoppe by Candy Weber
  107. Z4X by Zintis May