Round Two

The top 20 games from round one, based on final scores, will move on to round two. Those games will be announced June 30th.

Round Two Coaching

This year we are trying something new for round two.
Each game will be paired up with a judge to have two one-hour long online meetings (or equivalent) about their game and their round two submission materials.
The first meeting will take place between July 1 and July 14. The second meeting will take place between July 15 and July 28. The specific date and time will be determined by the judge and designers. It is recommended that you try to schedule your meetings earlier so you have time to implement any suggestions.
The method of communication will be determined by the coach and designers.
This process is optional. You do not need to work with a coach to submit your game in round two. It is meant to be a way to give you some quick feedback on ideas and help improve the quality of your submission.
The coaches will choose the game they want to coach so that it aligns with their interest.
The judge that coaches you in round 2 will not judge your round two submission.


Round two submissions will be due July 28. For round two you will submit an entry form with the following information.

  • Your email address (Use the same one you used in round one.)
  • The name of all the game’s designers
  • The name of your game (If this has changed since round one, please include the old name as well.)
  • A short description of your game. (500 character limit. See below.)
  • Game Stats (Minimum Player Count, Maximum Player Count, Play Time)
  • A link to a PDF of your game’s rules. (See below.)
  • The length of your rules in pages.
  • A link to your how to play video. (15 minute maximum. See below.)
  • The length of your video in minutes.
  • If your video includes edited captions (info)

Short Description

You can use the same short description you did in round one or you can update it. Just like in round one this is a way for you to catch the interest of the judges.

The purpose of the short description is to quickly describe your game for the judges looking at the list of entries. The judges will decide which games to judge based on the designer names, game names, and short descriptions. It doesn’t need to explain game play or go into any detail. It is your opportunity to make sure the judges that love games like yours watch your video. Get across the main hook of your game as simply as possible.

Rules PDF

Your rules should be in PDF format and hosted on a service that the judges can access without signing up for anything or signing in. Google Drive and Dropbox are 2 popular services. Make sure your sharing settings are correct.

How to Play Video

Your video can not be longer than 15 minutes. Because we are putting a time limit on the videos, you are not expected to have a full how to play video that can explain the game by itself.

Your video should explain your game well enough to give the judges a good sense of the setup, what happens on a turn, the players’ goals in the game, and any unique or interesting aspects of your game. The rules and video combined should have all the information needed to play the game.

Judging Round Two

Judging in round two will work the same as round one.

All of the judges will have access to the full list of submissions. They will choose which entries they want to judge based on the game’s name, designers’ names, and the short description. Near the end of judging, judges will focus on games that received less views.

Once a judge has chosen a game to judge, they will look at the rules PDF and watch the how to play video. Then they will fill out the judging form for that game.

They will rate the game from 1 to 5 in five categories.

  • Innovation: Does the game do something new or combine things into a new and unique experience?
  • Elegance: Does the game flow smoothly and not get in the way of the fun?
  • Excitement: How excited are you to play the game?
  • Presentation: Was the information presented clearly?
  • Overall: How much do you like the game overall?

They will also give some written feedback.

The combined rating for all five categories is the game’s score from that judge. The lowest score a game can receive is 5 and the highest score is 25. The scores from all of the judges that judged a game will be averaged to get that game’s final score. 

Once all the scores are calculated, the ranking of games along with their final scores will be published to the site and each entrant will be emailed their detailed scores which includes individual scores and written feedback from the judges.