Book of Villainy

The Game


Book of Villainy is a tile-hopping strategy game for two to four villains. Players race around the grid, trying to claim the most points for their evil deeds. Play as one of six villains, each with a unique power, and sabotage your way to victory. There are multiple ways to victory through dueling, destruction, or diabolical invention building. No evil deed is too great (or small) to push you to infamy!

The Designer


Fertessa Scott has loved to play boardgames all of her life, but she wasn’t really introduced to the hobby until a little over a year ago. Thanks to a creative friend, she was inspired to make her first game, which led to her falling down the rabbit hole of tabletop gaming. Thanks to her natural resting evil face (REF), and a lifetime of false accusations, she decided to make a game about villains. (It is not her fault she always looks likes she’s up to no good, but good on her for making lemonade out of lemons). While she is new to the game designing…game, she is not new to creativity. She has always loved writing, drawing, boardgames and humor. Her journey designing Book of Villainy has allowed her to marry all of those things and create something which became more than she ever expected.


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