Dragon Family

The Game

In Dragon Family you will raise dragons from eggs to hatchlings, and eventually find each one their very own lair in a map that you and the other players build together. Dragons are picky eaters so you’ll need to explore this world to find the right food to help them grow up big and strong. You create the world by laying tiles, shaping the ideal territory for when your young dragons eventually leave the nest… assuming you can claim it first. This lightweight family-friendly tile-laying game plays 2 to 4 players in 30 minutes.

The Designer

Chris Glein is a Seattle area game designer and artist. You can find him weekly with the Seattle Tabletop Game Designers, playing and creating all sorts of game prototypes while eating dumplings and having a nice whiskey. He is endlessly looking for new and interesting ways to pair theme and mechanics so that they give him the excuse to cut out more cards and draw more pictures.


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