Floating Market Mischief!

The Game

Floating Market Mischief action pic

In Floating Market Mischief you and the other monkeys have taken over Bangkok’s floating market. Place boats around the market; then steal fruit from them without capsizing the boats! It’s a 30-45 min dexterity game for 2 – 4 monkeys aged 8+. Players love pushing their luck and carefully grabbing fruit from the bowl precariously balanced on a stack of cubes. The unique round-bottomed Monk bowl and a bit of strategic depth make for a dexterity game like no other.

The Designer


John has been a creator and gamer all his life. His goal is to create memorable experiences you can share with your friends and family. Designing tabletop games over the last two years has been so much fun that creating mix cds, home brewing, and climbing the hearthstone ladder have all taken a back seat.  Be on the lookout for more of his games soon!





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