The Night Cage

The Game

Night Cage InSitu
You awake to discover that you and several strangers are prisoners inside a mysterious underground labyrinth. Equipped with nothing but dim candles, you must work together to explore the maze and escape. Unfortunately, the weak candlelight only illuminates your immediate surroundings. Worse still, you’re beginning to suspect something else is moving in the suffocating darkness.
The Night Cage is a cooperative, tile placement game that pits 3 to 6 players against a procedurally-generated prison of eternal darkness. To win, players must collect 4 Keys, find a Gate, and escape as a group. But escape won’t be easy. Each player’s visibility is limited by the weak light of their candle. They can only illuminate a small area of the maze at a time. As players move, new pathways are revealed while old ones disappear into the darkness, creating an ever-changing play space that requires teamwork and collective strategy to navigate.

The Designers

Night Cage Designer Portrait-Web
Chris Chan is an art director, illustrator, and photographer who can tell you every Robot Master that’s ever been in a Mega Man game.
Rosswell Saunders is a writer and creative director. He once ate a stick of butter like a candy bar to prove a point.
Chris McMahon is a writer and ad creative. That Magic The Gathering dragon deck he built back in middle school isn’t even that bad, you guys.
All three live in the prison of eternal darkness known as New York City.


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