Submit Your Game

The contest is open to unfinished games from designers of all ages around the world. You may enter as many games as you like. All games remain the property of their designers.

To submit your game to the contest, follow these steps.

Step 1: Make a 2-Minute Video

Videos longer than 2 minutes (120 seconds) will not be accepted.

Your video should be publicly viewable online without a password.

It should contain the following:

  • Designer Name(s)
  • Game Name
  • Game stats: player count, play time, age range
  • Images and/or video of your game
  • The goal of the game, usually how you win
  • An example of game play, usually a player turn
  • What makes this game unique and exciting

For reference, here is the feedback form that will be used in the contest.

Step 2: Check Eligibility

Your game and video should meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • They are your original creation and do not infringe upon the intellectual property of others.
  • They do not contain any offensive, sexual, derogatory, or otherwise inappropriate language or imagery.
  • Your game is an analog board, card, dice, or dexterity game. Video games and RPGs are not allowed.
  • Your game has not been successfully crowdfunded or available for purchase.
  • Your game is not finished and you are willing to make changes to improve it.

The Board Game Workshop reserves the right to remove any game from the contest for any reason.

If you have any questions about your game’s eligibility, contact

Step 3: Pay $15 Submission Fee

You must pay the submission fee for each game you submit.

If the submission fee is a burden, contact to see about having it waived.

You do not need a PayPal account to make the payment. Your payment will go to


One (1) Submission to The Board Game Workshop 2023 Design Contest

Submission fee for a single game in the 2023 design contest.


Step 4: Submission Form

Fill out the submission form here.

If you have any questions about your submission, contact

Step 5: Give Feedback

You must give feedback to a minimum of 5 games in round one for your game to be eligible for round two. Giving feedback does not guarantee your game will get into round two. Your game will still need to be considered ready for round two. Only one designer of the game needs to provide feedback to meet this requirement. You only need to give feedback on 5 games regardless of how many games you entered.

Once round one feedback begins, you can view other games in the contest and give them helpful feedback. The focus of this contest is to generate feedback for games and the more people we have, the more feedback we can give. It’s also a very helpful process for designers to go through. Providing feedback to other games can give you a better understanding of how to present your own games in the future. And it’s just nice to help each other out.

Sign up to provide feedback here.