Design Day Sponsorship

If you or your company is interested in sponsoring The Board Game Workshop Design Day there are three ways you can sponsor the event. For your sponsorship your name or logo will be in the digital program, on the design day website, and on a banner at the event (the deadline to get your logo on the banner or in the program is 9/17).

You can apply to be a sponsor by emailing

Attend the Design Day

If you are a board game publisher, having an official representative attend the event as a play tester is a great way for you to see new designs and bring more attention to the design day.

Getting a chance to meet with publishers to get feedback on their in progress game designs is a great help for any game designer, but especially newer designers. This event is about improving games and building community. Connecting publishers and designers is a great way to do both of those.

Donate Giveaway Items

We will be having random giveaways for all attendees of the design day. Donating games or prototyping materials is a great way to spread the word about your products while also making the design day more exciting for attendees.

Donate Money

Renting the space and getting all of the materials to run the design day takes money. Donating money to the event helps us cover costs and improve the event for the future.

  • $100 – Platinum Sponsor
  • $75 – Gold Sponsor
  • $50 – Silver Sponsor
  • $25 – Bronze Sponsor

Thank You

Thank you for considering sponsoring The Board Game Workshop Design Day. If you have any questions or want to sponsor the design day in a way not listed above, please email