Game Jam

Game Jam #1

Judging for Game Jam #1 is here.

For this game jam you need to design a tile laying game about friendship.

Other than that, all game designs are welcome. There are no restrictions on the length of any submission materials. There is no guarantee that people will view all of your materials though. So try to keep it concise.

Games will be scored on how well they implement tile laying, how well they implement friendship, and how innovative they are.

You have one week to submit your design using this form: Game Jam #1 form

The better you can explain your design, the more useful your feedback will be.

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Good Luck.

The Game Jam Idea

Let’s have a game jam. This will very much be a test of a lot of things. Some of this is testing for things to use in the larger annual contest. All of it is a test to see if a regular game jam is something worth organizing.

Here is how the game jam will work (at least for this one). On a predetermined day and time the game jam page will go live. It will have the requirements/restrictions for that game jam. It may be a thematic focus, material restriction, or mechanical restriction. Or a combination of those things. Designers will have a week to work on their design before submissions are due. Then there will be a week of public critique.

My goal with the game jams is to focus on creating new ideas and getting community feedback on them. To make this as accessible as possible, the submission requirements will be very simple. You will be able to submit a variety of materials; video, audio, photo, text. But no particular material is required.

There will be no cost to submit and no prizes. Critique will be open to the public and all designers who entered. At the end, designers will get a copy of their critiques and whichever entry scored the highest will be declared the winner. 

If this becomes a regular thing, I will maintain a page on the site to show the past winners.

Why am I doing this? I like the idea of spontaneous creativity. It can be a testing ground for the larger contest. The more opportunities I have to use my feedback system, the more refined it becomes. It’s another way to increase community engagement with the podcast and build a larger community for the contest, discord, and future listeners.

If you have any questions, you can reach me on Twitter, by email, or on Discord.

Check back after 00:00 UTC on Sunday, July 14th to get the game jam requirements.