Game Jam #1

Game Jam #1 is over and the winner is…

Lunch Room Survival by Jeff Black

Thank you to everyone who entered and voted.

The challenge for this game jam was a tile laying game about friendship.

Below you will see the submissions and links to all the materials they submitted. Please take a look at their submissions and then fill out the form for each design you looked at.

On the form you will rate the game in three categories. How well it implemented tile laying, how well it implemented friendship, and how innovative it is. On each you will rate it on a scale from 1-9 with 9 being perfection and 1 being a complete lack of that category.

You will also have a space to give feedback on the design. This is the most important part. Please be kind but critical. Just saying you like something is not helpful feedback. If you can’t think of anything that would improve the design, at least point out specific things you liked so the designer knows what is working well.



Lost & Friend


Brandon Lee Garver


Lost & Friend is a tile-laying game where players attempt reunite friends with their misplaced friendship bracelets!

Friend cards display beads and charms that describe their lost bracelet. Return bracelets to their owners by laying tiles and forming loops – bracelets – in a your chosen thread color that match bead/charm patterns on the Friend cards. Claim the Friend card to keep track of which player returned which bracelet. Return the most bracelets to win!


Lunch Room Survival


Jeff Black


Players build a shared tableau of tiles which represent the tables in a school cafeteria. They are attempting to build a connected area of their own tables to include the most possible friends. But be aware of the Bully who can help you or harm you in your quest for Lunch Room Survival. And don’t try to fit too many friends in one group!

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These files are enough for a three player game.

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