Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf


Rules and PnP Files

Player Count: 3-9
Play Time: 10 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 8+

Components: 18 cards, pen and paper

Mechanic: Bluffing & Social Deduction

Description: You’re a bored shepherd desperate for attention or you’re a shepherd being attacked by a wolf. Who’s to say? Either way you must convince the villagers to come to your aid. Every player is given a villager card and a secret card that is either a sheep or the one wolf. Each player must convince the other players to send their villager to help them.


Creativity of Theme

I like this theme.

Creativity of Mechanisms

It’s Wildcats, without the restrictions on lying or telling the truth.

Mesh of Theme/Mechanism

The theme and mechanisms are a good match, but I don’t like the gameplay.

Clarity of Rules

Rules are clear.

Use of Form Factor

Nothing special here. You could almost do it with fewer cards.

Perceived Player Engagement

This probably depends on the group, but there’s no information to base your decision on.

Match with Button Shy Brand

The theme is fine, but I don’t feel the gameplay isn’t up to Button Shy standards

WOW Factor

No relevant comments


No relevant comments

Additional Comments

Deduction that’s not even compelling