Debt Management

Debt Management


Rules and PnP Files

Player Count: 2-5

Play Time: 8-20 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 10+

Components: 18 Cards, Pen and Paper

Mechanics: Push Your Luck, Set Collection

Description: Push your luck to get the best credit score by collecting as many paid debts as possible while avoiding late payments. Pass cards you think might be bad off to other players to deal with.


Creativity of Theme

Pretty darn dry, but at least it’s something different

Building your credit score is an interesting (though not exciting) theme that I haven’t seen elsewhere

Creativity of Mechanisms

Nothing really astounding here. What’s there works, but I’m not convinced that this is “fun”. Another issue with Chris’s designs I’m seeing, save a couple, is that his endgame scoring is insane, and often requires you to have to reference the rule sheet directly in order to tabulate everything properly- this instantly tunes out casual players like my wife, she’d roll her eyes at this kind of scoring.

Seems very similar to Cockroach Poker, but with the bluffing eliminated

Mesh of Theme/Mechanism

It makes sense, but I don’t think they’re married to each other

The game play has nothing to do with the theme. Life would be great if I could pass off unpaid debt to someone else.

Clarity of Rules

For the most part clear, but it honestly took me a few mins to understand the scoring graphic in there.

I think I could play this game now.

Use of Form Factor

No multiuse, missed potential there

Perceived Player Engagement

I don’t think these kind of push your luck mechanics will engage players for very long, especially when it’s so mathy on the back end

People would be playing, but I don’t know that they’d stay interested.

Match with Button Shy Brand

Simplicity and ease of learning is there.

WOW Factor

A PYL game about debt isn’t exactly wow’ing.


The fact that the initial player doesn’t look at the card before making a decision seems like it will make the game feel very random.

Additional Comments

Luck, zero decisions, glaring absence of fun