Dungeon Fight

Dungeon Fight

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxH2PSgE3H4

Rules and PnP Files

Player Count: 2-4

Play Time: 15-30 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 12+

Components: 18 Cards

Mechanic: 1 vs Many, Hand Management

Description: Be a hero battling a powerful monster with your friends. Or be a powerful monster destroying a group of heroes.
With 4 monster Types: Dragon, Elemental, Demon, and Giant. 3 Hero Types: Fighter, Wizard, and Rogue. Each combined with 4 Element Types: Fire, Water, Plant, and Stone you have 16 unique Monsters and 12 unique Heroes to choose from.

Each Monster has different stats and abilities to help you crush your enemies.
Every Hero works a bit differently and uses a different set of actions on the cards. Use your Hero’s abilities to fight the Monster and help your friends. Your only chance at victory is through teamwork.


Creativity of Theme

Fantasy dungeon fighting, nothing crazy special.

Creativity of Mechanisms

It’s the average “mix and match traits to make a guy!” combat game. The 1 vs all aspect is interesting in a wallet format.

I like the 1 v many, and the multiple combos

Mesh of Theme/Mechanism

Hard to tell if it plays well.

Clarity of Rules

Pretty good, felt kind of rushed on explanation, but I got a pretty good idea of how everything works and interacts with each other.

Use of Form Factor

Pretty good, multiuse Hero cards are nice, does a fair job of using the space well.

Perceived Player Engagement

Players into direct conflict games will be in to it, but I feel like after a couple games you’ll get the point cool off on it, as there’s really no player to player meta gaming going on, so all the depth of the game has to come from the cards themselves.

Match with Button Shy Brand

It match fit with the right theme tweak

WOW Factor

Wow factors gonna be really hard to pull off since most of the cards will need to be filled with text, leaving little to no space for interesting art to bring a player in. With fantasy games, art it a crucial draw point for players I’ve found. The way it is, the Hero ability cards and such will just look like a text-based RPG menu.


It might be fairly decision-free. Attack, block, heal.

Additional Comments

Playing it would help to evaluate it, but not sure it merits the play.

Decent game, good stuff going on, but ultimately there are better fits overall in this contest