Hats on Cats

Hats on Cats

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiTNDzDUzaM

Rules and PnP Files

Player Count: 3-4

Play Time: 5-10 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 5+

Components: 16 cards

Mechanics: Drafting, Set Collection

Description: Through card drafting and passing be the first to collect a full set of matching cats or matching hats.


Creativity of Theme


Creativity of Mechanisms

Drafting and then passing cards – nothing new here

Mesh of Theme/Mechanism

It works, but I don’t see anything special here

Clarity of Rules

Rules are simple. I wonder if it’s possible for the game to stall, though.

Use of Form Factor

Fine I guess. No multi-use cards.

Perceived Player Engagement

It’s easy for players to see the goal they are working towards.

Match with Button Shy Brand

Cute theme, simple rules, family friendly, and animals.

WOW Factor

Points for cuteness


I wonder if a stalemate is possible during the passing phase.

Additional Comments

Cute, clever, and simple. I’d play it.