Laser Connect

Laser Connect


Rules and PnP Files

Player Count: 2 or 4 in teams of 2

Play Time: 20 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 12+

Components: 18 cards

Mechanics: Path Building, Tile Placement

Description: Players turn and swap mirrors and tubes on a 3×3 grid of cards to get their laser to its target first.


Creativity of Theme

It’s lasers. Everybody loves lasers. A little on the dry side, but at least it ain’t cats, zombies, or fantasy

Not many laser and mirror games out there, especially ones that are gimmicky.

Creativity of Mechanisms

Lovely use of spatial mechanics with low card count. Team co-op games are a great change of pace for the micro setting. Simple goal that you understand in seconds. The different card types are intuitive and are picked up easily. Simple and neat

Mechanisms are pretty standard.

Mesh of Theme/Mechanism

Works well, love the laser bouncing and it makes sense with the theme/mechanics

Moving the mirrors and other devices, and how that affects the lasers movement, all works together.

Clarity of Rules

Very clear, visual examples

Rules are simple, clear, and concise. Game is easy to understand, but the strategy of the game is apparent.

Use of Form Factor

Some clever use of the cards. Not really multiuse for cards, but in context of this game it doesn’t really need it. Co-op group game in a wallet setting is great

Double-sided cards are a big part of gameplay and not just as a gimmick.

Perceived Player Engagement

Definitely there. Breaking the teams up a turn apart keeps everyone paying attention. Would think that the games would be quick, also helping the attention span

Turning and swapping cards will lead to definite player interactions, offensive moves and defensive moves. Almost no hidden information, so interaction can be anticipated and planned for.

Match with Button Shy Brand

A little light on theme, but the gameplay serves to fill a gap in the wallet line gameplay, creative use of space and a novel idea. And lasers.

Brings something unique to the wallet game. Love the team play aspect, as well as the unique “board” each time.

WOW Factor

Nothing to really wow people, but a novel enough idea to raise a couple eyebrows.

While not my type of game, I think this design works well within the constraints of the challenge, and brings quite a bit of gameplay and strategy to the table. Also like that this can be played 1v1 as well as 2v2.


It seems way too easy to just undo what was previously done, even with the “flip” limitation.

Could get a little samey with multiple plays, but the randomness of the board generation from the deck will help with that.

Additional Comments

Feels like a tedious puzzle, not a rewarding one.